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Coronavirus: the uninvited guest in my small world by Caroline Mireri

Coronavirus is something that was happening to others in faraway lands. I did not give it a second thought. My life went on as usual. I imagined the agitation this virus had caused would die down and life would continue as usual. That was not to be. As the situation went out of hand in… Continue reading Coronavirus: the uninvited guest in my small world by Caroline Mireri

The Sultana: A Maritime Disaster

There are many disasters that happen on boats or ships that are well known. But there is a disaster that happened on April 27, 1865 that most people are not aware of. The Sultana was a 260-foot-long sidewheel steamboat that sailed on the Mississippi River. It was built in 1863 in Cincinnati and was designed… Continue reading The Sultana: A Maritime Disaster

The White Mouse of WWII

Nancy Wake was born in New Zealand on August 30, 1912. She had five older siblings and was only 2 years old when her family moved to Sydney, Australia. She was 16 years old when she began what would become one of the most amazing careers ever. Nancy ran away from home to become a… Continue reading The White Mouse of WWII

New Zealand and Pelorus Jack

New Zealand is well known for a lot of things - most notably the Lord of the Rings franchise. One part of New Zealand's history that is not as well known is Pelorus Jack. Pelorus Jack was a Risso's dolphin who is estimated to have lived from 1888 to April 1912. He lived in the… Continue reading New Zealand and Pelorus Jack

Worse Than the Hindenburg: Forgotten Disasters

Comparison of the R101, USS Akron and LZ 129 Hindenburg (There is one error in this table - Akron had 73 fatalities) While the Hindenburg is the most famous of the airship/zeppelin disasters, it was not the worst disaster by far. It does, however, mark what is considered the end of what is called the… Continue reading Worse Than the Hindenburg: Forgotten Disasters

Violet Jessop and Her Miraculous Story

One of the most famous disasters of all time - the Titanic - has a remarkable woman who survived it. Violet Jessop worked on the Titanic as a stewardess. But her amazing story starts long before she boarded the ill-fated ship. Violet's story starts with her childhood. Violet was born on October 2, 1887. She… Continue reading Violet Jessop and Her Miraculous Story

The Female Paul Revere

Women played a very important role in history but are often left out of school textbooks. That is why it is important to talk about the role these women played in famous events. Once such famous event is Paul Revere's ride. But Paul Revere was not the only person who undertook an important ride during… Continue reading The Female Paul Revere