Agent 355 – The Unknown Spy

The Culper Spy Ring was a group that operated from 1778 to 1780. They were organized by Benjamin Tallmadge who was General George Washington's intelligence chief. This spy ring was so secret that not even Washington himself knew who the spies were. Two of these spies are now known to be Abraham Woodhull (code name:… Continue reading Agent 355 – The Unknown Spy

The President America Forgot

Everyone was excited when we nearly had a female president. But what many people do not know is that First Lady Edith Wilson acted as president - his steward- when her husband (President Woodrow Wilson) had a stroke in 1919. Edith Wilson was an amazing woman who stood for her husband while he recovered from… Continue reading The President America Forgot

The Great Emu War of 1932

Yes, you read that right. In 1932, Australia started a war on emus. At the time, emus were considered a major nuisance that were apparently hugely overpopulated. It is believed that as many 20,000 emus found that the farms in Campion made an excellent choice for both breeding and finding food. To help take care… Continue reading The Great Emu War of 1932

The Mystery and Legends of Gravity Hills

Gravity hills are found all over the world. Many places have legends about specific locations that carry over into the present. The majority of these legends are easily disproven. But the effects in some of these places are not so easily overlooked. One of the most bizarre effects are called gravity hills. Gravity hills are… Continue reading The Mystery and Legends of Gravity Hills

How History Has Changed Our Last Name

Our last name is a link that ties us to the generations that have come before us. When we research our family, we expect our last name to remain unchanged through the many generations. But if you were to actually explore your ancestors, you may be surprised to find that your last name has changed… Continue reading How History Has Changed Our Last Name

Foiled – By a Locked Door

Everyone is familiar with what an assassination is due to the assassinations of many prominent figures in the United States and around the world. But there are many more assassinations that are not successful. One particular attempted assassination was thwarted by a simple thing - a locked door. On November 5, 1995, a man named… Continue reading Foiled – By a Locked Door

Susanna Dickinson – Survivor of the Alamo

Of the nearly 250 people that occupied the now famous Alamo Mission (located in San Antonio, Texas), less than 50 survived the Battle of the Alamo. A remarkable woman named Susanna Dickinson and her toddler daughter were two of these survivors. Her experiences at Alamo provided some of the most remarkable eyewitness statements about the… Continue reading Susanna Dickinson – Survivor of the Alamo