The Mystery and Legends of Gravity Hills

Gravity hills are found all over the world.

Many places have legends about specific locations that carry over into the present. The majority of these legends are easily disproven. But the effects in some of these places are not so easily overlooked. One of the most bizarre effects are called gravity hills.

Gravity hills are also known as:

  • magnetic hills,
  • mystery hills,
  • mystery spots,
  • or even anti-gravity hills.

Anti-gravity is an excellent term to describe these hills. These hills appear to be going uphill but are in reality going downhill. This causes items such as vehicles to appear to be going uphill on their own – against gravity.

These hills are found in many countries around the world. An extensive list can be found here. This list is fairly extensive and includes exact addresses in many instances.

Video of a gravity hill in North Carolina

As you can see in the video above, these roads appear to be heading uphill. What are your thoughts? Are they supernatural or just an optical illusion?

The legends that surround these hills point towards a supernatural explanation although the idea of an optical illusion is more believable. The legends are more fun to read about though. There are literally dozens of stories surrounding these locations. Do you know any legends about the gravity hills?

If you have been to one of these gravity hills, let me know! I am interested in seeing footage from all of these locations. I would be glad to include your footage and a link to your page on my blog.

I have included links to several pages of information and a couple videos on my links page. If anyone provides me with more footage, I will include these on my links page as well.

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