Foiled – By a Locked Door

Everyone is familiar with what an assassination is due to the assassinations of many prominent figures in the United States and around the world. But there are many more assassinations that are not successful. One particular attempted assassination was thwarted by a simple thing – a locked door.

On November 5, 1995, a man named Andre’ Dallaire attempted to kill Jean Chre’tien. At the time, Jean was the Canadian Prime Minister. Fortunately for the Prime Minister, the attempted assassination did not go as planned.

Home of the Canadian Prime Minister

Dallaire believed that he heard voices that directed him to kill the Prime Minister. This apparently led him to the Prime Minister’s home with the goal of assassinating the politician.

Prime Minister of Canada

Dallaire began his attack on the Prime Minister by throwing stones onto the grounds of his home and waving at the security cameras. He also carried a pocket knife with a size that varied between 3 and 5 inches long.

After this strange display, Dallaire gained access to the grounds by climbing the fence. He smashed a glass door and wandered around the basement and bottom floor for about 30 minutes before making his way to the Chre’tiens’ bedroom.

The Prime Minister’s wife, Aline, confronted Dallaire and managed to get into the bedroom where she locked the door. This prevented Dallaire from gaining access to the Prime Minister. Aline’s quick actions gave her time to call the RCMP officers that were stationed outside the house. In about seven minutes, the police were able to respond to the call and catch Dallaire before he could complete his assassination plans.

Prime Minister’s wife, Aline

This entire attempt on the Canadian Prime Minister was strange and not well planned. This proved to be beneficial to the Prime Minister and his wife but will go down as one of the more bizarre assassination attempts around the world.

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